Everyone talks about the word ‘natural’, and as usually happens with use (and misuse), its effects are decreasing and its meaning is fading to the point of losing all consistency. This is why we believe that it is important to clearly define what we are referring to when speak of what is ‘natural’. Although we do not consider ourselves to be a perfume brand, it is easy and understandable to find ourselves labelled as such. Our position is not against traditional synthetic perfumery; simply put, we do something else. Our distinguishing trait has to do with a way of understanding the process and composition of our products, what we call ‘olfactory captures’ so as to not confuse consumers.

Quite unfortunately, there is a generalised idea that a perfume should go with you wherever you go and draw the attention and admiration of whoever enters into the fragrance’s wide and expansive field of action. The use of synthetic essences and other products derived from petroleum is what ensures this extraordinary power of permanence and attraction. Yet in reality it is simply a mask. People like to wear masks and disguise themselves. There is nothing we can say against that.

Our objective goes a few steps further, in our search for greater personal connection with nature, as it fascinates, explains and overwhelms us. The sense of smell is without a doubt the most primitive and animal sense of all. This is why it seems to us to be the perfect vehicle for accomplishing our goal.

This is where the exclusive use of 100% natural materials comes to make sense.The olfactory education of our society is rather poor: we are surrounded by synthetic fragrances meant to cover up the smells of other things. In public buildings, restaurants, airports and eve in the intimacy of our own homes, smell is neutralized, masked and embellished. In the case of perfumes, the question is quite unsettling, since even the marvellous scent of jasmine has been ‘embellished’. Synthetic notes are achieved by isolating the dominant molecule in the natural essence and only that molecule. In contrast, materials that are natural are made up of hundreds of molecules, bringing to light a marvellous complexity of subtleties.

When we speak of 100% natural materials, we mean that all the materials used to give our captures their characteristic aromas are essential, absolute oils of the highest quality, coming from woods, resins, leaves and flowers that have been cultivated or gathered in the wild. We do not accept any kind of rectified or modified oil. We also use hydrolates distilled by steaming and macerated tinctures, done in our facilities with plants we ourselves have gathered on site.

The advantage of not using synthetic products on your skin are well known. It is not only true but important that natural fragrances interact with our epidermis, transforming and adapting themselves to whoever is wearing them, becoming personal and reinforcing the user’s own essences.

What is true is that these fragrances do not remain on our skin in the same way as synthetic ones, with their effects on our organism longer-lasting and their longer-term benefits incalculable. They are not worn to ‘mark out a territory’ and sell oneself to others, but to feel better, reconnect with what is authentic about oneself, and to relate to a specific ambience on this basis.