By Bravanariz


Our exclusive creative process

But how natural landscapes smell? The response is almost always found in the plant life. Yet plants do not behave in the same way in their natural habitats, charged as they are with diversity, as they do in cultivation. We know that, and for us it makes a big difference. That is why we go out and gather them by surprise and off gard, in their own environment, to capture all its properties and benefits, and thus obtain the true essence of the place.


To know the landscape

It is not just about crossing the landscape but of about letting the landscape breack trhought to us. To get started, what we should do is to spend time out there, take our time. Time is the most important ingredient in everything we do. Time to observe and contemplate (which is not the same). To do a botanical study, collect data, talk with locals, classify families and plant densities, breathe and above all time to feel. And this observation has to cover the entire annual cycle. Again, time. Landscapes do not smell the same way in summer as in autumn. And neither in the early morning than at noon. Only then, knowing what season and time of day are the ideal to capture the aromatic soul of the place, we begin our particular process of the Olfactory Captures.


Formulate the experience

This process, prior to the perfume formulation itself, encompasses everything we do until we obtain what we call a Literal Olfactory Reference of the landscape that we want to capture and includes the manual collection of the plants in their own environment (following our exclusive sustainable wild harvest protocol ), the distillation and creation of the Olfactory Capture and the subsequent comparison of this with the reference landscape.