El Paseo


THE WORKSHOP / off road experience

Why. Aside from visiting our facilities, where our captures are distilled and our products are made, you’ll participate in the creative process that makes us absolutely unique: olfactory captures. We’ll show you all the inner workings of our project, and we’ll share with you our motivations and the motor that drives everything we do. We’ll tell you all about our personal vision of the olfactory universe, its history as it relates to humanity, and the artisanal processes used in making fragrances and perfumes. You’ll learn about distillation, tinctures, maceration, formulation and olfactory notes. You’ll also hear about the particularities of a Mediterranean transitional forest and the plants that give it its aromatic character. All in a relaxed and pleasant environment that won’t make you feel like you’re “in class”.

Who for. For anyone who wants to find out first-hand about our production processes and appreciate the sources of our inspiration. To amplify and expand your knowledge of the formulation and creation of perfumes with a fresh, innovative and disruptive vision. For anyone who isn’t content to settle for books and theories and wants to experience what it means to capture the landscape with their own hands and bodies. For people who are inquisitive and have a hunger for knowledge and exclusive experiences.

Includes. Breakfast made with local products. A short series of warm-up exercises to get us ready and open up our bodies and minds to the experience of being the landscape, designed by MuMo (Music in Movement for Transformation) specifically for BRAVANARIZ. A leisurely 45-minute capture walk through the heart of the Can Faras forest (just in front of our facilities). While the harvest is being distilled in the stills (approximately 1.5 h), preparation of tinctures and other methods used in the extraction and preservation of the properties of plants (according to the season). An engaging talk about our vision of the history of scents, smells and our relationship to fragrances. The basic concepts of formulation. Appetizers made with high-quality local products (natural wines, craft beers, cheeses, sausages, homemade lemonades). Preparation of our olfactory capture. In addition to the experience and knowledge, you’ll go home with: a dossier including practical and technical information on the preparation of an olfactory capture and our sustainable collection methods, a bottle of BOIRA (100 ml) and a “shot” (5 ml) of CAMÍ (eau de parfum with a high concentration of tincture as an alcoholic base) resulting from your distillation and a practical organic cotton tote bag, stamped by us, to carry it all and to use for future harvests.

Where. The BRAVANARIZ headquarters in Pontós (Alt Empordà-Girona). Barri de la Pobla no. 1

Duration. 4h

When we start. At 10 a.m. for the presentations, hand-out of the equipment and warm-up exercises. 10:30 a.m. to head into the forest and start the harvest walk. Punctuality is important to ensure we can make the most of the morning. In summer, the workshops are held in the afternoon (starting at 6 p.m.).

What you need. Curiosity and a good attitude, along with a sun hat, sunscreen and comfortable footwear. The rest is on us: a basket and pruning shears, gloves, fresh water, wine and other delights. Oh, and an important recommendation: don’t come wearing perfume. This may seem obvious, but it is worth reminding you. Keep in mind that some shampoos, conditioners and deodorants that have been synthetically scented are so ‘effective’ that the cloud of falsely-derived pleasant scent surrounding you will not let you and the others truly enjoy the experience.

Group size. From 6 to 12 people.