SEASONAL SMELLING /an old new concept

Photo by Joan Divi

Landscape shape us. For the great Annie Dillard the landscape and the natural environment is like the bowl that shapes the water. It does not change its appearance or its composition, but it shapes and contains it. For me it becomes evident every day that passes in this Empordà that I have chosen as home. I feel its enormous influence on me and those around me.

But the landscape is not always the same. Beyond its orography, the type of land and vegetation or the course of the rivers, every landscape undergoes changes that have to do (leaving aside the human destruction) with the different seasons and weather conditions. And those landscape transformations also affect us. And they affect us much more than we want to recognize.

Just as season eating does us good, season smelling also has direct effects on our body.

In fact, it is quite obvious, just as the different lights, colours and temperatures affect us throughout the year. It is undeniable that each season has its smell and there is no need to spend words here to verify that smell has an enormous transformative power.

Letting ourselves be more affected by the cycles and changes of Nature, far from making us weaker, connects us in a powerful way with something that goes far beyond ourselves. Wearing our perfumes (any of them) is a way to do it consciously.

Photo by Joan Divi

The marketing strategies of the industry have been using the seasons as a purchase and rotation stimulator for a long time, injecting into consumers’ needs that are more cultural than physiological. We do it, but in a completely different way.

What the industry marketing promotes it is not so much to accommodate to the seasons and the environment but to avoid its inclement conditions.

In Winter, they propose indoor aromas, warm spicy woods, the smell of homemade cookies and cozy wool near the fire. This is not the smell of Winter but the smell of our attempts to avoid it.
The same happens in Summer. With the heat, everybody goes for fresh citrusy perfumes and sea notes when everybody knows that the natural time for oranges and lemons is winter.

Photo by Joan Divi

Bravanariz proposes another way of season smelling. First of all, it encourages people to go out there, in Spring, Autumn, Summer or Winter and smell. To enjoy the great aromatic wonders of Nature. But also brings Nature home, to feel its benefits and to re-connect to its cycles. Our INSIDE SCENTS, invite people to practice that season smelling at home.

We don’t make seasonal perfumes. Seasons are in them.