PI/Olfactory Digressions

ESSAIS 100% Natural 30 ml

A revealing encounter with a pine in its aromatic exuberance. Starting from the ground and the richness of its macrobiotic life, passing through the resinous trunk and reaching the needles that capture the Spanish sun. Forget about what you think you know about pine fragrances. This is the real thing.

VERY LIMITED EDITIONS (40 numbered bottles)


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ESSAIS/Olfactory Digressions is the creative space for Ernesto Collado, head perfumer and founder of the brand. Taking the most surprising CAMÍ as referents or simply inspired by a particular landscape, he attempts to fix in a formula the spontaneity, richness and complexity easily created by Nature. As any fiction, it will never overcome reality, but it can be lifted with the help of imagination.

ESSAIS are more poetical and abstract and less figurative. More artificial in the original sense of the word (from the Latin artificialis, made with art) but still 100% natural.

IMPORTANT NOTE: They are Olfactory Digressions. They do not comply with IFRA regulations and are not recommended for topical use. It is recomendable to try it on your skin before buying. There are samples available.

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