BOIRA 100% Natural 100ml

Enjoy the aroma-therapeutic benefits of these scented mists. Refresh and hydrate your body and let yourself be transformed by the powerful effects of Nature.


Each BOIRA is a selected blend of hydrosols, condensate water coproduced during the steam-distillation of plants, with all their properties and benefits. Hydrosols contain all of the plant in every drop, the very fluid that was flowing through the plant cells when the plant was harvested. Every litter of BOIRA contains between 0,05 and 0,2 millilitres of dissolved essential oil. Nothing else. No alcohol added or preservatives of any kind. Pure wild harvested plant distilled water.

Its subtle and gentle fragrance connects you with nature and awakes your emotions while the beneficial natural properties of water refresh and cleanse you and your environment

Uses and properties:
There are many ways to enjoy our BOIRA. You can spray it on your jeans to give it a fresh and sylvan touch. Or on your bed linen and pillows to facilitate a pleasant sleep with its gentle vegetal aroma. You can use it to clean and renew the air at home, or to iron your favourite clothing. You can also spray it on your face as a quick refresher, to stimulate circulation, hydrate and cleanse your tired skin. You can add it to your shampoos or conditioners to promote a healthy and shiny hair. Or spay it all over your body as a subtle perfume scent.