MEL / Solid Natural Perfume – Pocket Size

ESSAIS 100% Natural 10 ml



MEL is our first solid perfume and the result of a long collaboration with bees, our winged harvest companions. After the success of its Special Edition, MEL has come to stay as one of our most successful perfumes, here in a pocket version, so you can take it with you wherever you go. Made from organic beeswax, honey (from the hives installed in our Bee Brave project) and sweet almond oil from organic farming. Its soft texture hydrates and nourishes your skin while it perfumes you with its honeyed fragrance. On the top of that we add a wonderful combination of natural essential oils from honey plants, which serve as food for our environmental heroes. The result is a warm and welcoming perfume, enormously gentle and seductive with that wild touch that characterizes us.

NOTE: It is ideal for Layering and combining it with other fragrances or essential oils.

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Digression is a literary form that departs from the central story. Hence, an eccentric form. In my career as an artistic creator, it has always been a form of resistance. Single thought is more comfortable but is enormously simplistic. The digressions assume and celebrate complexity, producing richness and nuance. On this occasion, and with that spirit of search, we have collaborated with some of the best hat artisans in Italy, to create something absolutely new. A new concept or use, both for perfume and for the hat. A wonderful adventure that has given us two unique creations that are worn and enjoyed together. Again, an invitation to surprise, to detour, sometimes long, sometimes, why not, a good unexpected shortcut. Our Olfactory Digressions take the olfactory experience further, going off the beaten track to have more references and promote a richer, more varied and intense olfactory culture.

This is not “a perfume”. It is an olfactory digression and is a completely different olfactory experience. It does not meet IFRA standards. It is advisable to test it on your skin before buying.

Formulated only with melliferous plants:

Immortelle/ Siempreviva (Helichrysum italicum) , Chamomile/ Manzanilla (Chamaemelum nobile), Linden / Saúco (Sambucus nigra), Rockroses / Jaras (Cistus ladanifer), Neroli / Azahar (Citrus aurantium), Spanish lavender / Cantueso (Lavandula estoechas), Rosemary / Romero (Rosmarinus officinalis), Thym / Tomillo (Thymus vulgaris), Tonka beans / Habas de Tonka (Dipterix odorata)

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