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You can give one of our olfactory experiences to your loved ones. You only choose the modality. They choose the date at their convenience among the open experiences that we offer in our calendar. Once the purchase is made, you will receive an explanatory email and an attractive VALE-GIFT (PDF) with a one-person code so that you can print and deliver to whomever you decide.

EL DIVING / Els Vilars (Natural Park of l’Albera)

Includes: Plant collection and identification tour / Distillation / Tasting of natural wines / Olfaction of perfumes and raw materials / Dinner between vineyards / Preparation of olfactory capture

SURFING THE LANDSCAPE / Cala Pelosa (Cap Norfeu Comprehensive Reserve)

Includes: Walk and identification of plants / Olfaction of perfumes and raw materials / Sample of CALA / Landscape Scent



DIVING / Els vilars

One afternoon may be enough to change the way you travel the landscape (and your life). After spending the afternoon with us, you will never walk the same again.

Come to capture the aromatic essence of one of the most beautiful and unknown wild corners of Alt Empordà. You will collect plants, learn about their uses and properties, distill and participate in some of the most ancient techniques used to make perfumes, and you will taste one of the pioneering natural wines of the region from the hand of its creator.

It includes natural wine tasting, proximity dinner among the vines under the light of the lanterns with the Bay of Roses at our feet and the bottled capture in the form of hydrolate of our walk.


Come to know and collect the plants that make up the aromatic soul of our most summery Landscape Scent. Immerse yourself in the secrets of the Cap Norfeu (Cap de Creus) comprehensive biosphere reserve and discover its wild Mediterranean beauty. You will discover one of the most beautiful corners of the Costa Brava through smell, guided by the bravest nose. Ernesto Collado, creator of Bravanariz, will guide you on this exceptional walk, infecting you with his passion for the landscape, nature, plants and their aromas.

Includes a sample of CALA / Landscape Scent perfume, a collection bag and a set of gift cards.

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