CAMÍ / Sant Silvestre

OFF ROAD CAPTURE* 100% wild harvested 30 ml / SOLD OUT

This CAMÍ, is not only the capture of a specific place, time and landscape. It also contains the essence of a great friendship between two men.
It distils the looks, the silences and the moved gestures of two beings who take their time to encounter each time they see each other.
There is a lot of potential in these Little bottles. A lot.
It includes a hydrolate from the capture, which, as is often the case, reproduces more faithfully the aromas of the fresh plant but which loses in nuances, intensity and richness. It is interesting because it is different, since the cade was distilled partly because it needed a much longer distillation process and the alcoholic base of the perfume, made with pine resin tincture, gives the total a subtle wood background that the hydrolate, logically, it does not have.


* All essential oils, hydrolates and tinctures come from plants that BRAVANARIZ has harvested in their natural environment, by hand and with the greatest respect for the surroundings.


This CAMÍ distills the best of a late autumn in its interior. Gathered in November after a few days of heavy rain, it picks up the explosion of a sated and avid of light and heat landscape. Capblanc (Lobularia maritime), calamenta (Satureja calamentis), rosemary and eucalyptus in a fresh cacophonous start that contrasts with a serene, warm and harmonious background of pine resins and essential oil of càde wood (Juniperus oxycedrus).

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Uses and properties:

We recommend spraying a bit on a handkerchief or shawl so that the scent will accompany you without being too overpowering (you can always remove the garment and take a break from its intensity).

Very important: shake before use, since it has not been filtered in order to preserve all its natural properties and its complex aromatic richness.

Although we are required by to label this product as not suitable for topical use, you can apply it without fear to wrists, the crook of your elbow, to hair and behind your ears if you follow these recommendations. First, do an allergy test: apply only a small amount to make sure that it does not cause any unexpected allergic reactions. Due to its high content in natural essential oils (minimum 20% essence), its use is not recommended during pregnancy, lactation or when suffering from serious diseases. If necessary, consult a medical professional before using this product. Avoid applying the product before sunbathing or UVA tanning.

Rosemary/ Romaní (Rosmarinus officinalis),
Calamint/ Calamenta (Satureja calamintha), Sweet alyssum /Capblanc (Lobularia marítima), Spanish lavender/Cap d’ase (Lavandula stoechas), Juniper/Càdec (Juniperus oxycedrus), Thym/Farigola (Thymus), Cyprus/Xiprer (Cupressus sempervirens), Pine/Pi blanc (Pinus halepensis), Pine/ Pi roig (Pinus sylvestris), Chaste tree/ Aloc (Vitex agnus-castus), bark of eucalyptus (Eucaliptus globulus), black olives, Rockrose/ stepa negra (Cistus monspeliensis), Rockrose/Estepa blanca (Cistus albidus)


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