Many things are changing these days, and very quickly. The emergence of COVID-19 has completely transformed our lives, our society and, of course, our company. Beyond the confinement, which we have followed from the first day, and the necessary safety and hygiene measures in the handling of our shipments, Bravanariz has taken on new challenges.

Two weeks ago we were urged by the health authorities to identify ourselves as possible producers of hydro alcohol. We did so, making ourselves available to them. Finally, we were not required to directly supply them with that product or the raw materials that we had at that time, but since then we have not stopped thinking about it and we have felt obliged to take the risk and responsibility in such an exceptional situation we are living in.

So joining the government’s instructions and under the quality parameters of the health authorities, we decided to manufacture, against the clock, a hydroalcoholic solution with the raw materials we had, all of them of the highest quality and 100% natural.

The result is a product with a high disinfecting and antiseptic effect that does not contain gelling agents or thickeners derived from petroleum, to which we have added vegetable glycerins and organic aloe vera, to hydrate the skin. The product has been  perfumed with our SILVESTRE eau de cologne.

We have been distributing and supplying this product for a week in pharmacies of the Empordà, Plà de l’Estany i la Garrotxa regions, covering a need that today is urgent. From now on, and in view of the enormous acceptance of the product by regular customers in pharmacies, we have decided to make it also available to everyone, through our online store.

The unusual framework in which we are working and the problems of packaging sand raw materials suplies, means that we need to constantly adapt and improvise solutions. Our small business status makes this possible. Creativity and reaction capacity is our greatest asset in these exceptional times.

Of course, we are aware of the suffering, of the painful losses, of the economic collapse of many, of the loneliness and bewilderment. It is not something we see on TV. We are living it and it is affecting us all.

And we know who really are doing their best, risking their health, contributing with their knowledge and work. From Bravanariz we want to show our complete admiration and support for the women and men who work in the health services of this country. It is them who fight the battle on the front line. They are the ones  who are looking at the monster in the face, every day. For them, all the breath, strength and health they need.

We, in the rearguard, will continue working, to survive and to continue contributing as we can on this global crisis in which we are immersed.

For all of you, health and confidence.

Bravanariz team