Let Nature take care of you


We have talked a lot about our creative process, about how we do things. We have explained well the engine of our project, our commitment to the landscape and our environment. But I have the feeling that we have not talked enough about our products, which are our reason for being. Maybe this is because they speak for themselves. The quality of its raw materials 100% natural, jumps at sight as soon as you open the bottle. Landscape in a bottle. Packaged nature

la Gutina

But there are many things to say, because the uniqueness of our products deserves an explanation that helps us better understand why they are not different, but simply another thing.

There is a generalised idea that a perfume should go with you wherever you go and draw the attention and admiration of whoever enters into the fragrance’s wide and expansive field of action. The use of synthetic essences and other products derived from petroleum is what ensures this extraordinary power of permanence and attraction. Yet in reality it is simply a mask. People like to wear masks and disguise themselves. There is nothing we can say against that.
Our creations invite you to live the olfactory experience, in a much more intimate way. They are not designed to seduce others but to reconquer yourself. That’s why we like to say that they are perfumes for those who have never worn perfumes (and this phrase is not ours, but from many people who have discovered us).

la Gutina

When we speak of 100% natural materials, we mean that all the materials used to give our captures their characteristic aromas are essential, absolute oils of the highest quality, coming from woods, resins, leaves and flowers that have been cultivated or gathered in the wild. We do not accept any kind of rectified or modified oil. We also use hydrolates distilled by steaming and macerated tinctures, done in our facilities with plants we ourselves have gathered on site.

The advantage of not using synthetic products on your skin are well known. It is not only true but important that natural fragrances interact with our epidermis, transforming and adapting themselves to whoever is wearing them, becoming personal and reinforcing the user’s own essences.

What is true is that these fragrances do not remain on our skin in the same way as synthetic ones, but their effects on our organism are longer-lasting and their longer-term benefits incalculable. They are not worn to ‘mark out a territory’ and sell oneself to others, but to feel better, reconnect with what is authentic about oneself, and to relate to a specific ambience on this basis.

la Gutina

Our products not only offer different, intense and exclusive aromas, but they also invite to a new way of enjoying and living them. A new way of experiencing and understanding the olfactory experience, more and better connected to us and our environment.

In fact, is very simple: Nature is wise and knows how to take care of us, because no matter how much we try to forget it, we are Nature.

A curiosity:

It’s great when you can incorporate comments made by users into your brand discourse. I have already told you about one, but here are some more pearls. Let our brave noses speak:

Not only do they smell good but they feel good

They are enormously addictive. Nobody can give up what they know is good for them

I would call them Scape Fragrances, because they help you escape urban heaviness. They make me travel far, among trees, flowers and bushes

BOSC activates me in the mornings. MUGA gives me confidence, I wear it before a difficult meeting. And CALA is more nocturnal. Ideal for a relaxed dinner with good friends

All photos by the beautiful (also outside) @monicabedmar


la Gutina