Scents that breathe

Our captured scents are 100% natural and are made solely with local plant life, most of which have been gathered by hand with full respect for the environment.
When we capture our scents, the fragrances are alive and in movement. This is how we keep them in the bottle. They smell great because they can change you while altering themselves as well. They adapt to you, taking on exclusively personal characteristics. They interact with your personal aroma and evolve with you. They breathe with you.


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landscape scents
100% natural

This is our personal interpretation of the wildest side of the Alt Empordà. The three fragrances, BOSC, MUGA and CALA, suggest an olfactory journey, from the humid forests of the Albera Massif and the Salines Mountains, following down the Muga River across the plain, and over to the rough coves of the Cap de Creus peninsula.

They are done with tinctures and hydrolates from local plants, which we gather in their natural settings. All our oil essences are premium quality and 100% natural.

off road captures
100% gathered wild

Each CAMÍ corresponds to a walk or route that only features what has grown naturally in that space and interval of time. Each is hand-made as various plants are brought together or discarded. Afterwards, everything ends up in the flask, with no additives, in a fearless and courageous blend. Each is a limited edition.

BOIRA and Clearing Mist are pure water, distilled from plants, moss and flowers, with all their properties and full benefits. Nothing more: neither alcohol nor any sort of additive. Boira means ‘mist’. Mist that soothes your eyes but makes all your other senses come alive.

For everyone

As our captured scents do not have synthetic fixers that block their natural evolution, they are masculine for men and feminine for women. They adjust themselves to the way that each and every person really is. Because nature is full of surprises.


Your landscape in a bottle

If you so desire, we can visit you to capture the essence of your personal landscape. The one you gaze at through the window, the fragrance of the garden you grew up near or even the scent of a memorable celebration. Just for you, we will capture a part of what you are. We distil the places dearest to you, so you can return to them no matter where you are and share them with those you most care for.


Write us and let us know what you are thinking of, and we will find the best way to make it possible.