Can Genís and Les Salines



The first time I was in Can Genís I was ten years old and got there by horse with my father and siblings. Since then it has been one of my usual weekend walks from Can Barris, an hour and a half up the mountain, in the nearby town of La Vajol. It was an ideal place because there you could leave the horses to water, and the view of the bay of Roses was spectacular. And it still is.


Gabriel Pare y María de la Cámara, más conocidos como Cube


One of life’s little turns: two of my best friends and collaborators now live there, and together with one of their brothers take care of the cows and exploit their vineyards. But that is not all they do. They are lighting directors, and amongst the best and most unique in the Spanish national theatre scene. Despite what many people might think, their choice to live there (really out of the way and far from the usual production centres) has its own undeniable logic. Can Genís is a fabulous spot from where to view the impressive alterations of light in the Empordà. There is no better lighting director than the sun itself, and living in Can Genís makes them its most privileged pupils. Or at least that’s how I see it.


Luís de la Cámara, creator of MUDa ((Agullana veal)


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