The real olfactory capture

CAMÍ, in Catalan, means trail or track. An olfactory invitation to discover new and unexpected paths. Each CAMÍ corresponds to a walk or route that only features what has grown naturally in that space and interval of time. Each is hand-made as various plants are brought together or discarded. Afterwards, everything ends up in the flask, with no additives nor intervention of any kind, in a fearless and courageous blend.

They don’t perform as a real perfume, because technically they are not perfumes. They are real Olfactory Captures. Unrepeatable and unique. Chance and Nature play the most important role, so each CAMÍ is a complete surprise, wild and unpredictable. Pure landscape in a bottle. Our wildest option of all.

We always invite a special guest to walk along with us. An artist friend, a scientist, a poet, a famous cook. Together we capture the essence of their favourite walks, the places most dearest to them. So each bottle not only encloses the aromatic soul of that particular place and time, but the intimate relationship that each guess builds with it and the experience lived and shared during the walk.

Very limited editions. (from 3 to 20 bottles)

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