la Gutina

These two smiling, bearded men are in charge of this and so many other marvellous maritime outings. And they happen to be my friends. Larry and Xavi (co-founder of the brand) are the owners and captains of Gina, the flagship of Bravanariz whenever we take to the seas.

Certain hidden-away crannies of the Parc Natural del Cap de Creus are undeniably beautiful. By land, on foot, you can get to many of its coves, but some of them guard their treasures only for those who come by sea. In these coves, the vegetation is authentic, and despite summer months of speed boats dropping off commandos of intrepid explorers in sandals, reeking of sunscreen, plants are safe and sound due to these tourists’ lack of interest in botany.

To avoid tourists (including in September), it is best to arrive in the afternoon, anchor down before sunset and begin exploring in the early morning. That is exactly what we do. First, however, we have to sail a while, taking on the winds off the Gulf of Roses.

I take charge of cleaning and cooking. I like to feel useful, and on a boat, if there’s a captain there is plenty of work for sailors. When on board, I try to not get in anyone’s way, but with a saucepan I can’t be beaten. Supper on Gina, rocked by the sea, after a few long tacks with the sails trimmed, is memorable. Not just because of my culinary skills, but also for the conversations we end up having, which inevitably go deeper than usual. The sea seems to give rise to subjects of worth. Whatever is anecdotal ends up being self-censured. Then, if there is nothing to say, silence holds sway, creating a space of its own, opening up a world of possibilities. The atmosphere propitiates this. In these images, anchored in Cala Jóncols in the light of the moon, we could feel the heat shock coming off the rocks, exposed all day to the hot sun. Mineral heat, leaving you speechless. Surrounded by such marvels, you think twice before coming up with something foolish, and the feelings that arise make you speak from the heart. Heart—that is exactly what my two friends are big on.


We wake up with the first light, and without a second thought, and still undressed, we go for a comforting swim (since the depth of our conversation had been accompanied by fine wines and other imbibements, as might be imagined). After breakfast, now impatient, I began my search in solitary. Wild garlic (Allium usrinum), sempervivum (Helichrysum stoechas), samphire (Crithmum maritimum), prickly pear (Opuntia ficus-indica), Spanish lavender (Lavandula stoechas), rockrose (Cistus) and a new discovery: donzell marí, a local variant of absinthe, or wormwood (Artemisia gallica). Hardly a walk or expedition goes by without new findings. The scent of wormwood is elegant and delicate, a surprise for these latitudes. This is something I will have to keep in mind when inventing new formulas.

Bee Brave

BEE BRAVE is a Bravanariz project aimed at promoting the biodiversity of our natural environments.
Conceived and financed by BRAVANARIZ, it is carried out in collaboration with various actors, both private (farm owners, beekeepers, scientists) as well as landscape protection associations.

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Mel olfactory disgresion

MEL is our first solid perfume and the result of a long collaboration with bees, our winged harvest companions. Made from organic beeswax (from the hives installed in our Bee Brave pilot project in Can Bech de Baix) and sweet almond oil from organic farming. Formulated only with essential oils from honey plants, which serve as food for our environmental heroes. Soft and balsamic, delicately aromatic. Its warm and welcoming background will make you feel good, with yourself and with your surroundings.

MEL is our sincere tribute to these fascinating social beings who have silently taught us for years the art of combining plants and aromas. Not only are they the natural perfumers of our landscape, but thanks to their tireless collecting work, they ensure the biodiversity of our landscapes.

Our first solid perfume


«This olfactory journey was a reconnection with something instinctive, an opening for all the senses to nature» Bojana (U.S.A.) «One of the most inspiring olfactory experiences I have had in my life” Lourenço Lucena (Portugal) «We started the day as strangers and ended as friends” S.Baber (U.S.A.)

Reserve an Experience

Every year, we create a series of olfactory experiences open to the public to share our personal creative process: the OLFACTORY CAPTURE.

It can be in the form of an Intensive Workshop (more technical) or as a more playful experience of immersion in the landscape through smell, which we call Walks.

In all of them, you will have the opportunity to practice the artisan processes of harvesting and distillation of aromatic plants, elaboration of essential oils, tinctures and hydrolates, as well as some of the best kept secrets of traditional perfumery.

You will learn about the plants that give the landscape its aromatic personality and you will discover a new way of relating to the environment.

The dates and modalities are published at two times of the year.

In January, the February-March Intensive Workshops and the spring-summer Walks. In September, the October-November Walks. If there is any scheduled activity, you will have the date and modality below.

Tailor-made Perfumes

We capture the essence of any natural environment that you choose. The aroma of your region, the perfume of your farm or that of the landscape that you contemplated years ago from the window of your room, in that summer house. But not only that, we can also capture the fragrance of a lived experience, a party, a house full of memories, of a workshop or work space. As long as it is based on natural essential oils, we can design your personalized perfume and capture the fragrance of what matters to you.

Case studies:

Perfume SON BRULL. Creation of an exclusive perfume for a Relais & Châteaux in Pollensa (, on the island of Mallorca. Made with the most abundant plants on the estate and capturing the aroma of its deeply Mediterranean landscapes.

INCAVI project. Five olfactory captures for five wineries in five Destinations of Origin (D.O’s) in Catalonia. In this commission from INCAVI, we traveled to five wine regions to capture the aromas of the plants that influence the territory and the wines of five very unique wineries.

Casa Cuervo. After the success of our ESSAI/Olfactori Digression, inspired by the farm of our creator’s father, we were commissioned to create a perfume, this time, with the plants collected on the farm, to capture the essence of this corner of the Extremaduran landscape.

Tailor-made Experiences

We design tailor-made olfactory experiences adapting to your needs. From capturing the aromatic essence of a private garden, to an aromatic walk in a city. Talks, multi-sensory installations, natural perfumery courses for business groups or team building events. Whether you are a private group or a company, we will put together all our knowledge about plants and their aromas, in addition to enormous creativity, to create an unforgettable and transformative olfactory experience for you.

Tell us what your idea is, and we will make it come true.

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BRAVANARIZ creates tailor-made olfactory experiences and bespoke perfumes that capture the essence of a place or a specific experience. From an exclusive perfume for a Relais Chateau to an olfactory walk in a private garden. Each new project, for us, is an exciting creative journey that stimulates us to seek and discover exclusive and original olfactory proposals that capture the aromas of nature and landscapes.


Objetive # 1 

The main idea is to combine minimum intervention with maximum mutual benefit. We have to let Nature do her thing. We are just there to assist and
escort her.

First phase

-The first important thing is to recover the optimal state of the Prat de Dall. For this reason, we have to remove the poplar trees and clean away brambles and other bushes. We also need to cover the holes from fallen trees in order to level the ground well, so that it can be mowed.

-Along with this cleaning work, we will place the hives. Not on the prat de dall, but some 500m away (limit of the usual minimum radius of action for honey bees) , on a shrubland of aromatics, so we also give a chance to all the other pollinators to also take advantage of the prat de dall’s biodiversity.

Objetive # 2

Second phase

-Monitoring and maintenance of both lines of action: the hives (health of the bees, quantity and quality of the honey) and the prat de dall (variety of flora, mowing quality).

Become a donor meadow

Due to its characteristics, the Prat de Dall from Can Bec could become a perfect
donor meadow. Then, in collaboration with Prats Vius, we would collect its seeds in order to help restore other prats de dall in the area and use this location as a project showcase.

Replicate the project

After collecting enough data (2-3 years), we would love to replicate the project in other properties, making the necessary adjustments based on each propert

How to collaborate with the project

If you want to collaborate financing the project ,you can buy some of the garments that we have designed for it. You have a t-shirt and two different models of cap. The entire profit will be used to cover the expenses derived from the actions, monitoring and management of the Bee Brave project. Furthermore, you will help to gove it more visibility. Many thanks for your

Can Bech, The pilot Project

Near Agullana (Alt Empordà), almost near the French border, in the Les Salines Mountains, we found an abandoned Prat de Dall, now covered with poplar trees. The presence of these trees caught our attention, since they usually need humid soils. The first botanical studies made by Joan Font (a biology professor
at Girona University) confirmed our intuitions, and they exceeded our expectations. The richness of its biodiversity is outstanding. We convinced the owner to join the project and started the cleaning work to accommodate our first organic bee hives and recover the prat de dall.

Boosting biodiversity

Bee Brave starts from a basic idea. If there are flowers, then there are bees. And if there are more bees, there will be more flowers, and thus more plants. This, for thousands of years, has been one of nature’s most beautiful feedback cycles. However, excessive human ambition is changing this equilibrium and breaking the
cycle. BEE BRAVE wants to restore this cycle, even if only locally, focusing on two parts of the equation: the bees and their habitat here.

Bee Brave recovers semi-natural habitats of great biodiversity and in regression in the Empordà, called Prats de Dall (Mowing Meadows). The action focuses on the adaptation of the Prats de Dall and subsequent follow-up. This is how we ensure the health and good nutrition of the ecological hives that we have installed there. And on the other hand, these bees help with their pollination task, the recovery and maintenance of this semi-natural habitat.

“The idea is simple: give a bit back to the landscape that gives us so much. It is
a gesture of gratitude. While the landscape does not need us to be what it is,
the landscape builds us and shapes us much more than we recognize. We owe a lot to our natural environment. Being aware of that is already a first step. BEE BRAVE is Bravanariz’s humble way of going one step further.”

 Ernesto Collado, CEO & Found