Clearing mist

Water covers 70% of the earth surface. More than 60% of our body is water. 95% of a plant is water. Life is water.

Each BOIRA is a selected blend of hydrosols, condensate water coproduced during the steam-distillation of plants, with all their properties and benefits. Hydrosols contain all of the plant in every drop, the very fluid that was flowing through the plant cells when the plant was harvested. Every litter of BOIRA contains between 0,05 and 0,2 millilitres of dissolved essential oil. Nothing else. No alcohol added or preservatives of any kind. Pure wild harvested plant distilled water.

Its subtle and gentle fragrance connects you with nature and awakes your emotions while the healing and beneficial natural properties of water refresh and cleanse you and your environment. 

BOIRA in Catalan means mist. Fog that soothes your eyes and triggers your other senses, giving you a more complete and animal experience of life. 

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