It is not just what we do, but how we do it. Our products crystalize a time, a commitment and an experience that is priceless. We put a lot of ourselves into them. Get to know us better.



We love to walk. We are fascinated by the landscape and are pulled along by our own curiosity, as we discover new plants, uses and properties in every walk we take. We do every phase of production with artisanal values, with everything done manually. We combine tradition with our own drive towards experimentation, risk-taking and intuition.


Conservation of the landscape is an essential matter. For this reason, we have designed an exclusive protocol of sustainable harvesting to ensure all plants might continue to thrive on the land, keeping the natural environment in balance. Our production is limited as well. We do not do any sort of testing on animals, and all our facilities operate with renewable energy.


Our products only use local products from the Empordà region. We are constantly discovering new and surprising plant species. We sustain that what is exotic is what is here. We also work with local producers, collaborating on shared projects such as in sustainable apiculture and ecological viniculture, activating the local economy and strengthening social bonds.

The past

José Collado Herrero, my grandfather, was a leading chemical perfumer with a refined sense of smell who worked for some of the most important cosmetic brands in the country (Myrurgia, Dana, Luca de Tena). In 1925 he founded in Barcelona his own laboratory for the distillation and rectification of essential natural oils, which he sold to perfumers in France and northern Europe. He had plantations and distillation facilities in various Spanish provinces. I have strong memories of playing as a child in fields of lavender that had just been harvested, alongside enormous steaming stills in the village of Mira, in the province of Cuenca.


The present

I have inherited from my grandfather a sense of curiosity and a certain natural elegance, or at least I like to think so. I have been an actor, director and creator for contemporary theatre, but for me nature and the countryside have always been my refuge. In 2014 I came into contact with the world of scents, in a rather surprising way, and coming full circle after almost a century, decided to return to the family tradition and focus my creativity on discovering new ways of capturing the landscape.