CAMÍ nº4 with Iolanda Bustos

Thursday 21 de March del 2019, 8.00 am - 19.00pm
Restaurant La Calendula, Carrer Nou, Regencós, España

March 21 is the spring equinox, a fundamental date for life cycles that have to do with light. On this date, day and night have the same duration. The balance between luminosity and darkness is perceived by Nature. Plants are governed, in many cases, by daylight hours to decide when they should flower. Iolanda Bustos (The Calendula), who knows these unwritten laws, and who cooks like no one with flowers and plants, has proposed This special date to make an Olfactory Capture of her favorite landscape, the one that has accompanied her all her life. So there we go, ready to capture the essence of the landscapes that thrill us, this time guided by one of the best cooks in our country and great connoisseur of the plants and flowers of Empordà.
Later on, starting in April, this experience will open to the public in the form of a special menu in La Calendula, inspired by the flowers and plants of the capture. That day we will present our 4th CAMI to the public.

BRAVANARIZ / Smelling Wild